Just before Christmas we braved the hordes of Christmas shoppers and Salvatian Army carol singers to grab a very quick and slightly off the wall chat with one of our favourite bands of 2006, Yeti.

While they may have gone about things quietly and snuck under some peoples radars, I can assure you that come the end of 2007 their is every chance that they’ll be topping end of year polls for best album, if the first few EPs are anything to go by.

(AD) Andy Deian
(BK) Brendan Kersey
(GB) Graham Blacow
(HW) Harmony Williams
(JH) John Hassall

Firstly congratulations on three great singles / EPs so far, you must be pleased with the reaction you’ve had to the releases.

(HW) John’s pleased aren’t you?
(JH) Yeah, but Harmony prefers bad press.
(HW) I like people to tell me how terrible we are: makes me try harder.
(JH) Andy doesn’t read reviews.
(AD) I can’t read. I’ve lost my glasses.
(HW) So I read them to him… but I make it all up. Like the NME says “Yeti would be good if they sacked their lead guitarist and replaced him with a pine cone”.
(AD) So that wasn’t true?
(HW) No. 
(AD) I lost sleep over that.
(HW) Sorry.
(JH) What do you think Brendan?
(BK) About what?
(JH) Never mind.
(GB) I think-
(JH) Shut it Blacow! Nobody cares what the drummer has to say.

Despite the acclaim for the singles you seemed to have generally kept a fairly low profile media wise, has this been intentional to give the band chance to grow on its own merits rather than on the back of Johns former band and the ongoing interest in them?

(HW) Yeah, why not?
(AD) Yes, that’s definitely why. 
(HW) Nothing to do with people not liking us.
(AD) No.
(BK) What former band?
(JH) I think it is important that we be judged on our music rather than by association.
(HW) So long as we’re not judged on our hair.
(GB) I-
(JH) Blacow!

You’ve not done many tour dates so far in the UK, are there any plans to play more dates next year?

(HW) We did over fifty tour dates in 2005. And about the same amount in London.
Is that not a lot? I’ve not been in a Band before. I have other stuff to be getting on with. It’s not like anyone’s paying us to do this, so I think 100 free shows a year is probably enough right? What do you want from me, Blood?
(JH) Alright calm down.
(AD) We’ve been quiet this year. Recording.
(JH) And abroad quite a lot. Although we just got back from four UK dates and yes, we’re looking forward to plenty more next year, hopefully we’ll actually get out to Ireland as well.
(BK) Do you want to book us?
(AD) Do it now. Inflation will force us to raise our price in 2007.

How have you been received on your tour dates in America and Japan?

(HW) They clapped. What more can you ask for?
(AD) We’ve been all over Europe as well.
(HW) They clapped too. 
(AD) France.
(HW) They clapped.
(AD) Vienna.
(HW) They clapped.
(AD) Zurich.
(HW) They had the clap.
(JH) They didn’t.
(HW) Not till I got there, but now they do.
(AD) Rome.
(HW) In Rome they believe a potato is a carrot. So if ever you order a pizza with potatoes on…
(BK) Why would you do that anyway?
(HW) I thought they’d be thin sliced and sautéed and then just laid on top. I mean, its just like having pizza and fries surely?
(BK) No.
(HW) Okay, it IS weird, but its LESS weird than having CARROTS on a pizza. 
(BK) Or a plate of beans and peas.
(HW) Exactly. If you tell someone you don’t eat pork, they look at you like you’re an alien, and then give you a plate with beans and peas. Just that. Beans and peas. 
(JH) Meanwhile back at the farm: We had a really good time and the audiences were really attentive and receptive.
(HW) And other things ending in ‘ive’.
(JH) Positive.
(HW) Yeah. And don’tknowwhatpotatoesareive.

You’ve been working on your debut album with Craig Silvey, how have the recordings gone and when do you envisage the album being released?

(AD) I think ‘where’ have they gone is the real question.
(BK) Yeah, we can’t find them.
(AD) Harmony put them somewhere for safe keeping.
(HW) Sure, blame the guy who was supposed to be looking after them.
(BK) We are doing.
(HW) Good.
(JH) Seriously though, some are great and some not so. 
(GB) Because of the playing.
(JH) Blacow! How many times?
(GB) Sorry.
(JH) Shh.
(BK) Yeah, because of the playing. Craig’s done a great job with what we gave him.
(JH) But you can’t polish a turd. I think we can all play a lot better on some tracks so we’re doing some more recording in the New Year.
(AD) And we’ll release it when it sounds great.
(JH) Not before. You only get one chance at a first album, so why release a bad one when you can release a great one?

How did the band come together?

(JH) They’re cousins.
(HW) Yeah. Me and Graham met at a wedding when I was eight and he was five. He got up on stage with the wedding band and helped out the drummer by playing a tambourine.
(JH) And I knew Harmony through Carl. Harmony was Carl’s tap dance teacher.
(HW) He’s a fast learner that one.
(BK) Me and Andy met on a New Deal training scheme. In music engineering. We wrote a few hardcore Drum N Bass dance songs together. 
(AD) But we preferred the Byrds.
(JH) And Brenders used to play in McNasty’s.

How do you feel about the current music scene. The fashion seems to have moved to skinny guys in even skinnier jeans playing New wave punk pop, you’ve obviously got a very different sound to that?

(HW) Our jeans sound quite similar. But other than that. We are different.
(JH) Is there such a thing as New Wave Punk Pop?
(AD) Apparently.
(BK) Time is the great reveal. We don’t really pay any attention to the current music scene. Not ‘cos we’re snobs just that there’s far too much to listen too. So if you wait ten years, history will do the filtration job for you. Then you can listen to who was good in 2006 without having to work your way through all the dross.

Obviously as we are coming up to the festive period we ought to finish on that note, so any special plans for Yeti over Christmas any potential treats for your fans?

(HW) Yes. We’ll be releasing an exclusive online Christmas Song. 
(JH) Its called Hairy Christmas.
(AD) Keep you ears peeled.
(BK) And your mouth open.
(GB) And remember to spare a thought for others less fortunate this Christmas and give generously to the Save Yeti Fund… or alternatively visit www.timesonline.co.uk to make a secure donation, and make a real difference to those in need this Christmas.
(JH) Yeah, okay, you can say that.

Thanks for taking the time out to answer these questions, have a great Christmas and all the best for everything next year