The Crimea have recently released their debut album Tragedy Rocks to rave reviews, including eight out of ten from our goodselves at The Beat Surrender.

We took the opportunity to catch up with the bands frontman Davey MacManus and ask him about everything from the support they had from John Peel in the early stages of their career, through to how the recent array of support slots have been received.

It must be nice to finally have the debut album out in the shops, does it feel as good as you imagined it would?

Its great. Finally. Now all we need is people to buy it, doh. We have been waiting forever, it.s coming out in the States next year. The feeling of relief is overridden by the feeling of having of to succeed at all costs. Death or glory, its just another bedtime story.

From my point of view as reviewer the best thing about it is that it doesn’t sound like anything else that’s about at the moment, was that something you were conscious of or is it just how it came together?

We definitely tried to create a unique thing, It does sound a lot like stuff from the sixties but peoples memory only seems to go back as far as the eighties. We messed around with the songs incessantly til we had conjured up something altogether different, we should have been trying to invent a new cancer vaccine but instead we vainly tried to create our own style

As well as the music being interesting the titles aren’t bad either, think my favourite one is ‘Lottery Winners On Acid’, what goes through your mind when your naming songs (especially with that one in mind).

I am just trying to find a new angle on lyrics, this idea of winning the lotttery and then taking acid. How could you have a bad comedown, you’re a shagging millionaire, titles these days are so boring, I just wanted to make them more interesting and outside the box

John Peel was quite clearly a fan of yours, it must have been a big boost to have the great man behind you early on?

Yeah early on we were working shit jobs and not having fun, so it was unbelievable when Peel started playing all our home made demos. It was validation. For a while it was literally whenever I gave him a new demo he would play it. It was certainly impetus to keep recording. It is still a big boost to have his backing, he is much loved in America, we just played on john peel day, at the enterprise, it was proper

You’ve been on tour recently with the likes of Ash, Keane, Billy Corgan and The Bravery, it’s fair to say that that’s a pretty varied list musically, how were you received by the fans?

We change the set around to suit the fans of whoever we are supporting. Eg if they are heavy we try and outrock them, if they are bedwetters we try and out cheese them. I suppose the bravery was the weirdest one as there fans are all haircuts, one thing we have never been is trendy. But their fans still seemed to like us. In the states the reaction is generally wonderful, in the uk it can be a bit more of an impress me stance, but its our job to impress or at least form some kind of lasting memory on the chinstrokers

Are support slots something that you dread as a band, as you never know how the crowd will react or do you see it as a chance to win over new people who might not have heard of you?

No jesus we don’t dread them. You don’t have to worry about the crowd coming because that’s the headline bands problem, you get treated really well and only have to play for 3o minutes a night, which is a cinch. It is a chance to win over new people and have a good time while someone else foots the bill, we sell our own merch and generally try to ensure that every punter there on the night goes away talking about us

As your career progresses you pass a lot of significant milestones first single, first headline tour, first album. What do you see as the next few milestones for you (a top of the pops appearance with Pans People is obviously not an option)?

Well all the milestones we have passed before pale in significance compared to the milestone we face, succeeding on a major and storming the charts with my new set of gnashers. I would actually prefer to have Pans People than to appear ourselves as I tend to blush when on live television

Obviously it’s early in your careers and we are hoping you are with us for a good while yet, but how long do you see The Crimea being together? Can you see yourselves as sixty year olds on stage still rocking like the Rolling Stones?

Hell no. we will definitely not go the distance. Not many people can be as cool as Johny Cash when they are old. I plan to do a complete cultural shift, start playing golf, find God , etc with the intensity of our live show there is no way we could be doing it even when we are, say 40. It’s a long way away but no we don’t plan to wear converse fucking all stars forever.