Sean Cook has returned to the music scene following previous stints with Spiritualizedand Lupine Howl. This time he steps out from the shadows of the band and fronts the group in every way.

His new band are The Flies and from what we’ve heard of the new album in its unmastered form it sounds a belter. You won’t get to hear it until February 2006 but in the meantime we caught up with Sean just before Christmas to find out how life is in The Flies.

Thanks for doing the interview for us it’s much appreciated. I feel privileged to get the interview, you seem to have been keen to keep things mysterious and low key with your new band, is their any reason behind that?

We didn’t want to be too obvious and didn’t want to trade too much on my previous history. Not too sure we are that mysterious anyway, being that we are in constant touch with lots of people via myspace –

Even the website isn’t your run of the mill fountain of information and knowledge, if I hadn’t had a misspent youth playing computer games I might never have figured out how to get into it!

We were bored with the straight-up format of most group’s websites and we wanted to do something different. Something that required a little more interaction on behalf of the visitor. The website is a an extension of the music, artwork, videos and even the forthcoming live shows.

Have you got any more anti-marketing plans up your sleeve that we should know about?

We do plenty of marketing to be fair…

How have you found being the lead singer and the main focal point in the band compared to your roles in Spiritualized and Lupine Howl?

Much easier.

Have you always wanted to front a band or is it something that has crept up on you more recently?

Well I fronted Lupine Howl. Although with the flies this has been taken a step further, singing and fronting the band did creep up on me with Lupine Howl but this is now a established role as far as the flies are concerned.

How did you find the recording process with Jason when you worked with him in Spiritualized?

Different, and difficult to remember; sometimes painful and annoying and sometimes great…

Do you feel that you’ve learnt anything from those sessions that you’ve taken into recording The Flies album?

You always learn things from every session or musical experience. Working with Bon & Tim (other two members of The Flies) has been an excellent experience – they are very inspirational.

hazy’ would they be a fair description and which three would you use?

I guess those three words come into it. I personally wouldn’t want to reduce it to three words.

You’ve been compared to everybody from The Doors and The Velvet Underground through to The Jesus And Mary Chain, are comparisons like that a good thing or a lot to live up to?

It is much better to be compared to people that are hard to live up to than people that aren’t! Love The Doors.

You’ve just covered Ruby Tuesday and released that as a download only video. Why did you choose that particular song and did you have any worries about covering such a famous song?

We chose Ruby Tuesday because it occurred to us that we could do a completely different version of it and give it a whole new feel. To that extent we weren’t worried about covering such a famous song.

Don’t know if you’ve heard versions by the likes of Melanie and Rod Stewart but if you have I suppose that took some of the pressure off!

I haven’t heard covers by them – they sound painful!

How are things coming along as far as a full live tour (or have I just missed you playing up North)?

You haven’t missed us! We are planning the live shows now but wont be doing any dates until sometime in the new year.

Looking ahead to next year and the album coming out, what are your expectations around it?

We just want to connect with people and make our own way forward. There are loads of great rock bands around at the moment so hopefully we are going to offer something that’s very different.

Are their any bands that you are looking forward to seeing more of next year?

Martha Wainwright, really like Queens Of The Stone age and I have heard that Secret machines have something new next year. There is also a good group from Scotland called the Figure 5.

Thanks for your time, have a great Christmas and best of luck for 2006.

Thank You.