Here’s my interview with The Loved Ones to give you a taste of what these guys are all about. By the sounds of it, their next album will be a beauty – more of what we’re used, only more so. Nice that they mention The Revelators as well, a band I’ve reviewed elsewhere on these pages. And they don’t use umbrellas.

You’re currently recording/in post production of your second album, what can we expect from this, and how does it compare with your previous material?

This album has been along time coming due to lot of unexpected turns but we’ve managed to pull something interesting together that carries on where we left off in “Self Destruction for Beginners.”.
We’ve only just stared getting the basics down and it’s hard to tell what the finished product will be like. From early impressions, it’s going to be more schizoid than the first album in terms the styles we play, probably because we’ve taken our time to get the point where we were ready to record but we’re still the same band and the thread of what we set out to do remains unbroken.
Since the first album we’ve grown a lot and new members have brought a whole new colour to what we do and we’re looking forward to capturing this.

Would you prefer to be gigging in dark pubs and clubs or doing stadiums and travelling the motorways with a fleet of trucks? What’s your favourite venue and crowd so far?

Playing live is the sole purpose for many musicians and it’s high on our agenda. We like the intimacy of smaller gigs but it would be interesting to explore things on a bigger scale. 
The Puzzle Hall in Sowerby Bridge is fun coz it’s about the size of your front room, and we’ve enjoyed the Todd-Fest events in the Marquee, which held around 300 people but still felt like quite cosy.

You’re celebrities; do you think you’ll die on the toilet like Elvis or in bed with three foot toe nails like Howard Hughes?

I wouldn’t expect us to become celebrities in the current sense of the word. All you have to do is take a look at ‘em! I mean: Would you? 
In any case, we’d suggest that Elvis and Howard Hughes bypassed celebrity (unless the word was used more sparingly in the old days?) and were directly canonised for being martyrs to the American Dream…..who’s next?

Who do you listen to? Are there any local bands that have caught your ear?

We listen to most things except unimaginative stuff and there’s simply too many to list. We don’t limit ourselves to on kid of thing. AS an example, the last three albums keyboard player bought were by “George Jones”, “Dr. John.” and “The Temptations” and he’ll go home and put them in with rest of stuff where they’ll sit along side Puccini, John Cooper Clarke and his Brian Eno stuff. We don’t; limit ourselves.
Locally we hear good things about The Revelator Band and are looking forward to seeing them, we were at The Doghouse over in Halifax and caught a band called “Lark” who came up from London who were quite interesting. One of our favourite bands was “The Seafood Dicks” from Sheffield but I’m not sure if they’re still going or not. It seems like yesterday but was probably a long time ago…… all the days seem to have rolled into one.

There’s a hard rain gonna fall. Have you got your brollies?

You seem like a nice guy and we don’t mean to be rude or remotely condescending. But fella: Where the hell have you been? Hey, nice brolly! Futile but very becoming. 
We somehow got separated from the main party and landed up further upwind. We’re holed up in the eye of the storm; broadcasting our experiences from a safe location so you can all prepare before it reaches you.

Where can folk hear you guys playing next?

We’re out of the game right now because we’re getting creative in our bunker and working on our new album but we’ll be back in October and have work lined up. We’ll let you know as soon as we have confirmation…